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  • on 09.07.2009
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Development Still Pushing On 0


The activity backstage is still pumping away, gearing for what we hope to be the most successful distributed rendering solution in the world. We have a lot of ambition to build you a rendering solution that is powerful, reliable, easy to use, and more importantly, fit’s in your pocket (cheap!). Nobody wants to break the bank to get their animations rendered, and we don’t feel you should have to. Pricing hasn’t seen any set-in-stone numbers yet, but we’re very heart set at blowing away our competition. And to be honest, we haven’t really focused much on actual prices for anything right now. We just aren’t at that stage yet. Everything happening behind closed doors is focusing strictly on functionality. Every piece of code that powers our services is thoroughly planned, designed, tested, pushed until it breaks and redesigned again and again, improvised and done all over. Without this, our Support Forums would get flooded with users complaining about our services because basic bugs that could have been prevented weren’t caught in time. That’s very bad business.

So with that in mind, we also don’t want to keep everyone waiting to test out our services. The Beta Invitational program is being designed to allow you to experience everything for yourself. You can submit your animations and put them through the ropes, from step one to step done, and get a taste of what BlenderNet has to offer. This is not an announcement for the Beta Invitational, so be sure to stay tuned with the latest news for more information. You can do this by subscribing to our RSS feed, which will give you the latest news about BlenderNet almost as instantly as it happens.

I also want to thank you for your patience.  We’ve been working very hard on creating a service that we are confident you will find both productive and enjoyable.  And we look forward to continuing great business with you.

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