BlenderNet is aiming to be the most productive, feature packed, easy to use and affordable rendering solution. Our services don’t stop at just rendering your animations, however.  Our web-based interface allows you to do much more.

Distributed Rendering

Naturally, the core purpose of BlenderNet is to render your projects.  Not only can you render your animations but single frames as well.  Currently BlenderNet is designed around rendering Blender projects however we don’t intend to stop there.  Once we have stabilized the code we intend to implement other rendering options including SunFlow, LuxRender, Yafray and more.

Contributed Render Nodes

Unlike other professional rendering services, we won’t tell you to stop wasting your time rendering your own animations. BlenderNet is designed for you to use your own computer as a render node in conjunction with the rest of the BlenderNet network.  These are what we call Contributed Render Nodes.  They contribute to the amount of time it takes to finish your project and contribute to savings in your pocket.  Future plans include allowing members to set up their own render farm and manage it within the BlenderNet interface. This functionality will allow for members to make use of our services and manage their render farms within a central and easy to use location.

Completed Job Previews

Jobs that have been submitted can be tracked from start to finish and completed frames can be previewed directly in your web browser.  Future functionality will provide you with the ability to view Embedded Streaming Video previews of your animations instead of the default frame by frame method which is currently implemented.  The rendered frames will be compressed on our server and streamed directly to your web browser to view.

Packaging and Distribution

Once your project is complete, finish it off with our packaging and distribution services.  We can burn your finished projects to CD and/or DVD (and possibly Blu-ray in the future).  Future plans include other distribution options however these are still in the early planning stages and will be announced once they are further along.

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