BlenderNet is a service that enables distributed rendering across multiple computers using a web-based interface. While BlenderNet is designed for Blender users future expansions include Povray, SunFlow, Cinelerra, Yafray and more. BlenderNet is still under development and a release date has not yet been determined. A public beta of the BlenderNet services will be announced within the coming weeks to allow you to experience BlenderNet free of charge. Please refer to the News page for more information.

Why BlenderNet?

BlenderNet is designed with ease of use in mind. While are many other distributed rendering projects available to choose from none offer the flexibility and ease of use that BlenderNet does. Distributed rendering projects are often difficult to initially set up, difficult to use for the average user and are quickly implemented to provide a solution without long-term goals in mind. BlenderNet stands out from other solutions by providing easy integration into existing environments, a simplistic web based interface for both administration as well as scheduling and a wealth of other incredible features. BlenderNodes, the portion of BlenderNet that performs the actual rendering, can be hosted anywhere and the end user need only connect to one centralized website in order to initiate a render process. In addition to providing an easy to use rendering service BlenderNet provides a simplistic yet powerful web based administration interface for managing the various BlenderNodes as well as all components of Blendernet. This long term project is expected to revolutionize the way we look at rendering today.

Who Are We?

We are two Blender enthusiasts who realized the need for an easy to use and easy to set up distributed rendering solution for Blender that was both practical and versatile enough to use on a daily basis. While there are many other distributed rendering solutions available there are none that offer the ease of use and flexibility that we intend to offer with BlenderNet. Imagine a world where you can render a 35,000 frame animation in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional methods with only three clicks of your mouse. Imagine BlenderNet™.


  • Cross Platform binaries for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.
  • Web-based Interface for easy management. Manage everything from a centralized service.
  • Support for team collaboration
  • Sophisticated job scheduling system with automatic rescheduling
  • WordPress Intergrated
  • Cluster Management. Categorize your nodes into clusters and control permissions for each node.
  • Load Balancing and Prioritization
  • Preview completed frames and remove before downloading
  • In-place editing for most options which means no more waiting for a page to load whenever a change is made

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