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  • on 19.06.2011
  • at 07:40 AM
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BlenderNet is undergoing a radical shift in the overall approach to distributed rendering. Instead of being a fee based service, BlenderNet will now be a completely free service supported by its members. In the coming weeks we will make the source code for the render nodes available as a free open source download. We will continue to develop and maintain the source code for the render nodes as well as integrate patches provided to us by the open source community. To help with the cost of running the BlenderNet web server we will support this free service by partnering with advertisers with the possibility of introducing an ad-free alternative at a later time.

While we encourage you to make your render nodes available for public use, we also support private render nodes that only you or your team can access. This option allows you to have a virtual private render farm for your rendering needs. More information regarding the service will be provided as we progress closer towards the release date.

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