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  • on 30.08.2009
  • at 11:57 AM
  • by jestock

BlenderNet – Coming Soon 0


BlenderNet development has temporarily stopped for a few weeks in order to re-assess the job scheduling routines for a more optimal implementation. After our first internal stress test we noticed a potential performance issue in the scheduling code that could result in submitted jobs taking much longer to be processed (e.g., if a user submits a large job and there are only a few nodes online that job would be processed first before any others). While this “round robin” approach would certainly work with higher end nodes this would leave our users waiting around for their jobs to complete and this is going against everything we are designing the system for.

Development is still on a temporary hold while other options are investigated and tested however we plan to have a solution in place soon. Internal development and testing is expected to resume on August 31st and another internal stress test is being planned for September 4th – 7th weekend.

BlenderNet has been in development for several years and we are excited to launch the services soon however we must take great care to ensure that every component is working flawlessly and there are no major issues before we can open the service to the public. As of this writing we still do not have an official release date but we are targeting a public beta launch within the next few weeks.

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