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  • on 06.08.2009
  • at 09:52 PM
  • by jestock

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We are currently working on new functionality and enhancements to the BlenderNet service. One of the new features we required for BlenderNet is the ability to edit Excel data in-browser without the need for any third party add-ons or ActiveX controls while at the same time supporting Microsoft Excel functions. This R&D formed what is now internally named WExcel. This utility will be distributed as an add-on that you can install and use on your own site.

Most of the functionality is complete for WExcel except for some minor enhancements and milestones that need to be reached. Stay tuned for more information regarding this component. In the meantime please check out the screenshots below of an active session.

Live action screenshot of the web based spreadsheet editor

Live action screenshot of the web based spreadsheet editor

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