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Alive ?


12:12 pm
January 19, 2010


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Hi !

Just want to know if your service is alway be supported or is dead.

Because it's seem to be a really cool service but i don't see any sign

of life until august 2009 , date of the last news. And no application is

available to download for install it on my computer. I trying to submit a

test too and it's seem to not working.

thanks and hoping you keep working on this great project !

1:03 pm
January 19, 2010



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Post edited 2:33 pm – March 11, 2010 by jestock

BlenderNet is very much alive, however at the moment the project is dormant. We are currently re-assessing our queue manager for faster performance and hope to have a working public demo available soon. The biggest challenge at the moment is computing power. Simply put we need more hardware resources in order for BlenderNet to perform at its full potential.

You will not be able to submit a project for rendering until we open the service to the public. BlenderNet is currently in the late alpha stage and is very close to being complete for a public demonstration. Once we have more dedicated resources for rendering we will be launching another public test. Subscribe to our news feed to be notified when the public test will occur. In the meantime please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

6:01 pm
January 19, 2010


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okay , that a great news !

But your service is a cooperative rendering service where you can join your computers to the grid

for help yours and others projects calculation or is a traditionnal renderfarm services where you to rent\buy

computer power from a big renderfarm on your side ?

8:41 am
March 11, 2010



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BlenderNet is essentially a renderfarm in the traditional sense but with a much easier to use interface. The machines that handle the actual rendering of your scenes are called Nodes and are managed by the BlenderNet User Interface. The BlenderNet Job Scheduler handles the task of distributing the tasks to the various Nodes who perform the rendering. Once rendering is complete the jobs are sent back to the BlenderNet Job Scheduler to be distributed to the proper user account for retrieval.

BlenderNet supports different types of Nodes: Official Nodes which are provided and maintained by the staff at BlenderNet and Contributed Nodes which are provided by other members. In order to use the Official Nodes to their full potential you will need to purchase what we call Credits. These Credits are used as a type of currency for BlenderNet and are only used when your task is rendered by an Official Node. If you do not have any credits then your task will be rendered using Contributed Nodes and there is no cost.

The pricing scheme is still under development but the above should give you a good overview of how pricing will work with the BlenderNet service.


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